Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blog AdWords Ad Extensions Guide: Article Worth Viewing

By James Hobson
For most people, there's always a little more to learn about how to get the most from a Google Adwords program. This entry addresses Ad Extension features for Google Adwords. Specifically, we're going to introduce you to a great article on the Wordstream website. Now about those ad extensions . . .

Google Adwords Ad Extensions enhance the typical text ad with one or more lines that provide additional information such as an address and phone provide users with a faster way to reach relevant information about a business and its offerings. It is very easy to utilize Google Adwords Ad Extensions, and learning how is almost as easy.

While Google provides very good information on how to use, and why to use, Adwords ad extensions, there is a lot to be learned by reading the article we referenced above. Below is an excerpt from the article written by Tom Demers for the Wordstream site. (The title is a link to the complete article.)

AdWords Ad Extensions Guide Bonus: Google AdWords Communication Extensions

Recently we did a series of posts on AdWords Ad Extensions, complete with a quick follow-up on how Google decides to display ad extensions and a closer look at the following extensions:

Google AdWords Location ExtensionsGoogle AdWords Product ExtensionsGoogle AdWords Sitelink ExtensionsGoogle AdWords Call ExtensionsBut after concluding the series we quickly realized that we left an ad extension off the list (the downside to pompously titling something “The Ultimate Guide to X” is that you can easily be guilted into pretty much never-ending updates, so be careful with your hyperbolic in-title-adjectives).

One ad extension we missed was Google AdWords communication extensions. This isn’t available for everyone, but it’s a very interesting extension that could have some serious implications for some advertisers, and could become a more important tool in pay-per-click advertising as time goes on

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